DSC_0027I have been an advocate for many years for such causes as Patients’ Rights in healthcare, Women’s Rights, Civil Rights, for Animal Rights in the effort to promote NDV, a new immune stimulator and little-known cure for Canine Distemper, an advocate for reptile owners against the Lacey Act, and other efforts.

In my quest for my own healthcare I have encountered many challenges along the way, and am proud to say that I’m a strong woman; a feminist. I live by the philosophy “My Body, My Choice” in all its forms. I believe that the greatest test of humanity is how our society treats its most vulnerable, and with power and influence, also comes responsibility to protect and cherish those less powerful than ourselves.

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  2. Thank you for your website. I am out of the country due to medical blacklisting and am putting together my immigration case to prove it. Your articles are very helpful.


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