Giant Health Product Giveaway Nov. 23rd – Dec. 3rd! Lots of Prizes!


Chronic Illness Bloggers is hosting a big giveaway jam packed with all sorts of fun and healthy prizes!

If you’re anything like me, you may want and need a lot of items for your health that you just can’t afford. Entering this contest could remove some of the financial burden by offering you the opportunity to win some very helpful items good for both body and soul for FREE! 

Click Here to Enter between November 23rd – December 3rd. 

Here’s a sneak peek at just a few of the great items you could win! 

$100 gift certificate offered by TheraSpecs


These stylish medical grade sunglasses ranging in price from $99.00 – $278 are useful for a range of conditions from Migraines to autoimmune conditions that make one sensitive to light. Your pair of glasses can be custom made based on your particular need for polarization, tint, darkness, size, and weight.


 They are backed by 8 independent studies on Migraine, light sensitivity, and Blepherospasm.


 Research has shown that people with Migraines for instance are triggered by blue green light waves between 480 and 500 nm found in sunlight, and people with Sarcoidosis are especially sensitive to the Vitamin D derived from sunlight due to dysregulation in the Vitamin D receptor, so may benefit from wearing darkly tinted and contoured glasses for maximum protection, and individuals with Autism often react adversely to indoor fluorescent lighting.


 The company also offers the option of inserting their custom lenses into your frames. Hard and soft cases are offered priced at $8.00 apiece.


 While the company does not bill insurance directly there are some insurance carriers that will reimburse the client for these glasses. Some medical savings account cards are accepted, and their products come with free US shipping, and a 60-day complete money-back guarantee, so if it turns out they don’t work for you, you haven’t risked anything. Just return them in their original condition and you will receive no-hassle reimbursement of the money you spent. If you win these in one of the prize packages then you’re already ahead of the game!


 Read about the benefits some chronic illness patients have obtained from these precision glasses. 


Contact the manufacturer with any questions regarding your special needs. They can also be reached by phone at 1 (844) 276-6843 (US and Canada) or Direct for all other countries at   1 (602)-456-6896. 


Oska Pulse electromagnetic pain relief device offered by Oska Wellness;


Oska Pulse is a small and painless device clinically tested for the treatment of knee, back, joint, and muscle pain by delivering electromagnetic pulses through an electrically activated copper wire coil without the use of electrodes.


Specifically, the maker claims it addresses swelling, redness, inflammation, increases range of motion, pain (including persistent aches, shooting and stabbing pain, sciatica), and joint stiffness. 


Manufactured in the US, the company offers a 90 day money-back guarantee along with free shipping, and is endorsed as a good non-pharmaceutical alternative or adjunct by a number of pain management physicians.


The device retails for $399, and offers replacement parts such as compression wraps priced from $40-$60.


 For more information you can call the company at

(844) 630-9932 Monday- Friday between the hours of 8AM – 4PM PST.


6 Pack Hydrogen Infused Water by HFactorWater


This special water is infused with hydrogen gas which is supposed to super-charge hydration, promote peak performance, and increase energy. The company’s website is a little difficult to navigate, but I looked up some videos on Youtube for some unsponsored independent opinions and was pleasantly surprised to find some very encouraging reviews.


This one review in particular by “Penny the Pincher”

states that after a week’s use, she was greatly relieved of her fatigue, brain fog, and achieved an overall feeling of health and well-being.

She reports that the water tastes exceptionally fresh, and that it vastly improved her mental focus, and that it gave her the energy she needed to complete all the projects she started.


The prize pack of 6 pouches retails for $18.00, and the company alludes to the claim that this water provides mitochondrial support (something I believe that people with a whole range of autoimmune diseases could benefit from).  On the website I found several people who stated that it cleared up their nasal congestion rather quickly!


 I could really use this for my nasal congestion and my Dysautonomia if in fact it does what it says! I signed up for their email notifications in case they decide to run any specials. In my opinion this is one of the best prizes offered in the giveaway!


 I’m not a big fan of supplements, but water is more my style since it’s more like what one ingests naturally and is not a powder or pill, and since I am always insatiably thirsty this innovative product might really help my body process the water better than the regular tap water I normally drink around the clock.


For more information call the manufacturer’s customer service number at (888) 501-0908 or Email .


$20 Amazon Gift Card offered by;

$50AmazonGiftCard offered by;

This giveaway is sponsored by Chronic Illness Bloggers and the following participating contributors;

Note that 2 of the prize packs are only available to US winners, so be sure to read the requirements carefully for each one when entering. (If a non-US winner is chosen at random he/she will have the option of having the prize pack shipped to a US address or to forfeit the prize), so overseas people, don’t despair, if you have a US friend who is willing and able to forward your prizes to you where there’s a will there’s a way!

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