Patients’ Lives Matter

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First they ignore you.
Then they ridicule you.
then they fight you.
And then you win.”

This saying has often been attributed to Ghandi but some version of it has been repeated by a number of people in activist movements the first of which is believed to have been Nicholas Klein of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union said in 1914.

It is especially fitting now for as I’d suspected the offending parties are in fact reading my blog. I got confirmation of it today in a letter dated March 21st, the envelope of which says “Administration”, and inside top left-hand corner says “Office of Quality & Risk”. Apparently T.Js Supervisor decided to write and tell me to shut up, himself. He says and I quote; “This is a response to the various concerns you have continued to raise to several individuals within the Emory system regarding your medical care and treatment at Emory University Hospital on December 3, 2015. At the outset, I emphasize that we thoroughly investigated your complaints properly considered your requests, and responded in writing to them. I direct you to the response letters from Emory regarding these matters. Further, we have performed additional reviews after learning you were not satisfied with our response.”

Interesting he should say they’d done “additional review” as all I was told by TJ in her nasty, unsolicited and retaliatory phone call was that she’d already finished her “investigation” and that “nobody is going to call you back”, (before talking over me and rudely hanging up). There was no chance to ask any questions or raise further concerns, and it was clear she in no way wanted to accept any more nor to help solve any. That was the last correspondence I had from anyone in that capacity.

I received no letters showing any evidence of further investigation nor were any of the gaps addressed in their investigation that I’d pointed out. Many questions remained unanswered and he never returned phone calls I’d made to him when I got the initial response showing that his subordinate had not done a fair and complete investigation. Then he goes on to say; 

” While we remain apologetic that you have been dissatisfied, please know that our conclusions and decisions regarding your aforementioned complaints and requests have not changed since the time of the response letters. Please also understand that you continuing to raise the same complaints and requests to different individuals within the Emory system will not change our conclusions and decisions regarding these matters.”

So in other words he as agent for Emory will not remove the libel from the ER record, amend the record, bar the offenders from accessing my record, nor take any other actions to protect me as a patient, nor take any disciplinary action against those who participated in the abuse and neglect even if the CEO himself were to insist on it. (That was who’d I’d written by the way; the head of the corporation. I did not know at that time there were two; one for the University side and another for the medical side, so I mistakenly wrote the wrong one first and then was directed to the one for the healthcare side).

 Then he goes on to say this…”If you have any new or additional complaints or requests regarding any medical care provided to you at Emory at any time, please let us know. As we have done with your complaints and requests up to this time, we will thoroughly investigate the complaints, properly consider the requests, and respond in writing to them. We have assigned Ms. T.J., Manager of Patient and Family Advocacy, as your point of contact regarding your complaints and requests. Ms. J can be reached at (phone number).”

As it will be when pigs fly before I ever enter their ER again, Ms. T.J.s “services” will not be needed. She is not allowed to tamper in other areas and if I catch her doing so it is a further violation. 

He goes on to say;

“We do ask that you focus and limit your communication to Ms. J so that we can ensure none of your concerns go unnoticed and so that we can manage your communications with us in an efficient and effective manner that does not detract from our goal to provide quality medical care and services to our other patients and families.

We are aware that you have posted and discussed online at your complaints and requests regarding your medical care and treatment at Emory. While we respect your right to express yourself, we request that you remove the specific references to Emory and our personnel. We also encourage you to direct your complaints and requests to Ms. J in lieu of posting them on your online blogs.

Moreover, as we have stated in previous correspondence to you, it is our expectation that our patients have positive experiences while under our care, and we deeply regret that we disappointed you. If you truly remain  dissatisfied and feel that we at Emory have not appropriately met your expectations, please know that you can always seek out your medical care and treatment elsewhere. We do thank you for reaching out to us to express your concerns and for giving us an opportunity to look into them and to continue respond to you.” He then signs his name, LOL.

OK…Now let me get this straight…

First they neglect and abuse me in their ER, then libel me in my records, then refuse to correct their rights violation, turn my own doctors who I’ve known for years against me, play all sorts of dirty tricks to cover it up and sabotage my treatment at Emory and out  and because I write about my experience in my blog he wants me to remove it? Aaaah…Nope, I don’t think so. After a full and complete investigation I find everything to be correct and complete as is.

So sorry you aren’t satisfied.

But hey, if you really did nothing wrong then what are you worried about? I stand on  my principles.

One has to wonder why little old me, one patient in the entire Emory system has that much power that he implies to warrant that sort of extreme knee-jerk (sorry for the pun) reaction (just a strong reflex, I guess).

Me thinks maybe there’s something a bit deeper going on which has nothing to do with me and that even I do not know.

Oh, and the best part…I’m starting my treatment very soon! (from someplace else that is taking me seriously despite all the dirty corporate  tricks and  unprofessional  attempts to distract, dispute, and derail me from my goal).

3 thoughts on “Patients’ Lives Matter

  1. I’m sorry you had to endure abuse by hospital staff. This is the 1st I am reading about someone who had a bad experience at a hospital. I’ve had too many to count.


  2. Misdiagnosis and Wrong Diagnosis by Doctors Cause 40,000 Deaths Each Year

    Last year I turned 65, and during the transition in insurance to Medicare, and the end of the coverage that I had in San Francisco I changed my coverage to UCSF, in San Francisco, from San Francisco General, in San Francisco, and was appointed a new hematology doctor.

    I have a pre-existing condition similar to polycythemia vera that is deadly without management, And was on a month-to-month blood test and phlebotomy if my blood levels exceeded a certain level at San Francisco General because they told me if they did not keep my levels down I would have a heart attack or stroke. I fatefully had these test run every month for over four years and the phlebotomies kept me healthy without symptoms.

    When I left San Francisco General Hospital, and started with UCSF in San Francisco, my new doctor in the hematology department decided NOT to treat me for reasons of her own. I ask her on each visit to put me on a blood test schedule and phlebotomy if needed, and that my case was unique and needed to be handled on an individual basis because I did not have polycythemia vera, but I had all the deadly symptoms.She ignored my request, played games with me and allowed me to slip into a deadly blood level zone.

    Because she refused to treat my condition, my blood levels went over the top, and I had a mini stroke and lost 50% of the vision in my right eye, a deep vein thrombosis, Loss of cognitive functioning, induced inflammatory arthritis in my left hip, both my knees we’re being hammered with shooting pains, and my hands were so stiff I can hardly open them and close them. All my muscles throughout my body was aching down to the bone and I became incredibly weak. But even after all these issues I told her about she still refused to give me a phlebotomy, Waved me off and said my levels were normal.

    I knew in my heart that I was close to death when I left her office that day.

    Now I am dealing with deep depression because of all my Health issues created by her refusal of care.

    On my last visit after I almost died, after 16 months under her care, after I had had all the damaging results, she shared with me when I ask why she had refused to give me phlebotomies at UCSF

    “you did not fit the guidelines to get a phlebotomy at UCSF”, She answered, Standing defiantly behind her guidelines for my death. “What they did at San Francisco General wasn’t right.”

    She never discussed or shared with me that information in any of our other visits, and I discovered she never checked my records from the prior hospital to see what they had done in over six years of care.

    I requested to see those guidelines but they have refused to share them with me.

    I want to share this with you so that other people will not be subjected to this type of damage due to the transition from A new hospital and Dr. to another, And to disagree with anything that they feel is not right in their treatment by the doctor.

    UCSF is now trying to sweep me under the rug and to ignore my damages.

    I pray to God that no one else is subjected to this type of professional negligence, And that you could make your readers aware of this type of situation because of the many thousands of people that die each year in the hands of the doctors.

    Please let me know if you have had a similar situation happened to you, so we can compile records about all the unnecessary harm and death created by doctors.

    If you know a lawyer in California that will handle my malpractice lawsuit, please let me know. Because of legislation in this State, most lawyers are hesitant to take the case because of the limits of the law thereby giving doctors and hospitals a protective bubble that allows them to harm patients without any recourse for Personal damages.


    • This is terrible. I hope you’re able to find an attorney soon. My healthcare is still on hold because of what happened to me and new doctors are reluctant to jump right in and continue where I left off. What should be relatively easy to accomplish is made much harder because of health professionals with so many conflicting interests and choked off by the regulations of whichever fat cat corporation they work for. Please write HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell to let her know we need the laws strengthened concerning this type of discrimination against those who are disabled/ill. If we can get HHS to toughen the laws and their enforcement then we will see some justice.


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